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men are so fragile be careful not to upset them they might have to buy even bigger trucks

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September 29, 1980 - Happy Birthday Zachary Levi

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          why do you hide your claws, child?
               you have lions in your heart.

          bare your teeth;
               & do not go
g e n t l e.

          you have an inferno in your soul,
               a melody in your bones.

          r i s e, warrior. do not be afraid.
               you are conquering.

          & you will be amazing some day.

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midgardian-hero : I made a sexual post about Hiddles yesterday (under the cut and with the appropriate warning tags) and lost 4 followers. Times have changed. I remember a time when logging into tumblr was like taking your morning coffee on the front porch while strangers had gif sex on your pixelated lawn. Made me think about when us Loki-obsessed fanfiction writers hit our stride in 2012, which got me to missing you. I hope you're doing well. <3


man oh man I think back on those times quite often lol… I loved it, as crazy and dramatic as it could be. Best internet times of my life XD

I’m doing pretty well. I hope you are too!! <333

I miss you guys… We had many laughs, tears, and ruined panties. </3

Yes Tom, you are. No need to remind us.
Or maybe you could. Just a little. ;)

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Tom Hiddleston Soundalike

Latest weakness…

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my new siamese kitten came inside for the first time today

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